San Juan Capistrano Lease

San Juan Capistrano Lease review 3I called Ernie Casarez because I saw his sign at a property during a reconnaissance trip with a work colleague who offered to show me rentals in the area.

While I received calls from 3 or 4 realtors who I had also contacted, Ernie spoke to me with authority, empathy and a respect for my situation that I immediately warmed up to.
My family and I met with Ernie and his wife Pat no more than 3 times to look at properties I was interested in.

Having moved here from the East Coast 3 months ago, I needed all the guidance I received from Ernie and his wife, but they gave me more – they treated me like family from the first time I met them but provided a very professional service from day one to now.

I found a gorgeous property, and am so thankful for their service.
— Sharon M.